Monday, August 28, 2006

Where Are Your Contest Entries??

Hey guys!? Where are your contest entries?!? I only have one entry...I was waiting to post it until I had a couple others, but I haven't received any. I know someone wants this fabulous clutch by 2 Fresh Petunias:

Click here to see how - you still have a day or so to get your entry in!


Anne said...

I don't know if this is kosher, our local mall sucks so I am just linking to what I would blow my $1000 on.

Gorgeous, and they come in my size! I always need fab shoes for miserable weather!


Not over-the-top but still stylish.

Classic and flattering. Can you tell I live somewhere with crappy weather and no J. Crew? Hope you like, if I should have emailed this I apologize.

EnidP said...

I have been thinking about this...But I need more time...

Enid P.

shopdiary said...

i'm itching to buy a new bag for fall but i haven't decided which one yet.

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