Friday, April 13, 2007

Dress Up Your Look With a Chic Blazer

Ok, so my latest project (day job) is in a bank where everyone wears black/white/blue and every once in awhile, a couple other colors. Luckily for me, I'm just a consultant, so I like to try to bend the rules...just a bit, of course. Late in the week this week, the weather finally started warming up again, so I decided to bring some warm-weather attire to the bank with this outfit:

The skirt is probably a bit risque for a bank - not that it's tight or anything, but it is a bit on the casual side. Ok, it's pretty far on the casual side, but by adding a blazer to the outfit, the look becomes a bit more dressy. I actually didn't wear the espadrilles to the office...I need to see if any other girls wear them there first, but I think they look prety good with the outfit, overall.

Shopping tip for you hauties - invest in a couple really nice blazers. Pick out a really nice blazer here and there and use them to create outfits. Pull colors from the blazer and you can make a neutral, slightly dull outfit, more fun or dressy or sexy - all depending on what kind of blazer you pair it with!


Jessorz said...

Great post! That outfit is super cute, and I really do think blazers are a staple to any wardrobe. Maybe you'll inspire the other women at the bank to put a little more flair in their wardrobes too!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Jessorz...hopefully, I will!

:) D

ENID P. said...

This outfit is nice, and the extra umph is given by the pattern of the blazer.