Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Red Haute Swimwear for Summer 2007

Check out all the gorge swimwear I found on the web for my favorite hauties!

Sexy Zebra Striped Bikini

Guess - $96 for both (click for details)
Animal prints are almost always hot, but for some reason, zebra stripes seem just a tad more classy than some of the others out there. Pair with some black, over-sized designer shades for sizzling swimwear style.

Adorable Floral

Betsey Johnon on - $144 (click for details)
I think I'm in love...this bathing suit is just so cute...florals are a classic swimwear pattern, and just look at those adorable ruffles! I think this suit would look good on my ghetto booty, which Anonymous from my last post so "kindly"!

Decidely Designer

Emilio Pucci on - $360 (click for details)
Beach chic with a designer pattern to boot - this suit is super gorge for summer 2007 and is sure to get attention of guys and girls alike! Guys will love the sexy cut and girls will ogle over your obviously Pucci-patterned suit!

Happy swimwear shopping, ladies! It's time to get your swimswear-shopping on!

NOTE: Images and items from,, and, respectively


normagail morag said...

Hi again,
I am the 32 yr old with a dressing young complex !! What bikini would you recommend for an older woman ?

Shopaholic D said...

Hey there Norma, Let me do some research and I'll do another post...I'm still thinking on your other question, but I'll get there!

:) Diana

Jessorz said...

Don't get me wrong, I love Pucci for the colors and patterns, but I think buying his stuff is more buying the name than anything else, and that doesnt sit well with me.

R* said...

oooh i love the floral bikini! the colors are so pretty!

Shopaholic D said...

aren't they r*? if i bought one of these'd prolly be the floral

:) D