Sunday, April 08, 2007

Reader Question: Semi-Formal Dresses

Shopaholic sweetie, Corine, asks, "I'm about to graduate, and after my school's graduation ceremony, we'll be invited back to a semi-formal. I know I won't have a date for that, but what can I wear? I usually go to extremes-I either over or under dress for events like these. Does a happy median exist?!"

Yes, Corine, a happy medium does exist! Since this event will happen after a school-related event, I recommend staying on the conservative side. You can wear pants if you want, but if I were you, I'd go with a dress. Also, you never know who you may be networking with in the future - your teachers, your classmates, their guests - so make a good impression now with a super ladylike know...just in case. I recommend keeping the length around the knee since a long skirt says "formal" to me, and this is more "semi-formal." I, also recommend shying away from anything too low-cut or tight...if you want to go for a more classy-chic look, that is. Finally, a "LBD" or "Little Black Dress" is always a good choice. The LBD is a classic style you'll be able to use the rest of your life...making your purchase for the event a smart decision, if you get one with a classic cut.

Here are a few LBD's I found on the web, for four different budgets:

Forever 21 - Ramona Dress - $27.80
This dress kinda reminds of Breakfast at Tiffany's

Gap - Silk Voile Pleated Dress - $69.50
If the V-neck is too low-cut for you, add a cami for some extra coverage

Banana Republic - Linen Ribbon Tie Dress - $148
Super chic - the ribbon tie gives it a lil something extra

Anne Klein Dress Crepe Dress - $170
The belt makes this dress perfectly chic for 2007

Well, these are just my personal opinions for your semi-formal event, not hard and fast rules. Use them as you see fit and as they fit your personal style.

Shopaholic readers, what would you recommend?


Looks to Love said...

The Banana Republic Linen dress is so cute!! Definitely one that can be dressed up or dressed down!! :)

fashionfoodculture-life said...

i LOVE the banana republic one, it's a dress you could wear after semi-formal too. All my high school semi-formal dresses i've only worn that one time.

Jessorz said...

As an alternative to the black, you could also go with a flowy dress with a spring print on it. It looks both cute and fun. And if you need extra structure, add a belt for insta-chic.

Anonymous said...

I am 32 yrs old.I have great legs and good taste but sometimes I think I dress too young.It would kill me to dress like a 32 yr old though.I dont work outside the house so I dont get to dress up all that much.I love my mini skirts and short strappy summer dresses.My husband like me dressing young but often I see older women dressed young and would hate to look like them.What is appropriate for cocktails/general wear for me ?