Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sassy Swimwear for Thirtysomethings

Shopaholic sweetie, "Norma" asks, "I am the 32 yr old with a dressing young complex !! What bikini would you recommend for an older woman ?"

Well Norma, you act like 32 is old...I don't think 32 is old at all! As far as bikinis, you should be able to wear nearly anything you want (within reason, of course). I mean, take a look at celebs these days...

Penelope Cruz is right around your age, and she looks great! You even have some celebs well into their 40s and 50s still rockin the bikini, which means at your young age of a mere 32, you're good to go! I'd say that when shopping for bikinis, there are a couple things to keep in mind when you're wanting to dress age-appropriate.

1. Mind the stores you're shopping - If you're shopping in "teeny-bopper" shops for your latest summer 2007 bikini, then you're probably going to get something a tad too young for you.
2. Pick a classy pattern - If you're really worried about looking "appropriate" in your bikini, then you may want to err on the side of conservative when it comes to patterns. Stick with stripes, florals, polka dots, and, of course solids, but shy away from all-over metallic or super flashy prints, like leopard-print.
3. Same goes for the cut - Shy away from too skimpy a cut. I mean, you don't want to wear the two piece that is practically a one piece, but I wouldn't do a string bikini top AND bottom. It'd probably be best to go with a string top and a slightly more covering bottom, like Penelope' know...balance everything out.
4. Get a cute cover-up (like this sarong) to match your swimwear...or at least one that matches your favorite bathing suit. I love my cover-up that I got from Victoria Secret...they're great for those moments you're feeling a bit self-conscious, but they look hot too!

Here are a couple suits I found online to give you an idea:

Hot Mama!

Guess - This suit is a tad more risque than the others, but would be great for those days you're feeling extra sexy or want to look great for your next vacation with your SO

Just Beautiful

La Blanca via - this suit offers more coverage in both the top and bottom, but still looks great. It's just beautiful! This suit would make a great addition for those days you're feeling extra classy.

Simply Sweet

Lilly Pulitzer is the queen of southern charm and southern class when it comes to dressing...I mean, I wouldn't say Lilly has the most work-appropriate stuff if you work in a bank, etc., but especially for daytime or beach wear, her styles are just fun and classy! This pink, polka-dot suit is simply sweet for those days you're feeling cutesy.

The middle one is probably my favorite for you, just because it has a little more coverage, while still looking young, fresh, and oh-so-beautiful! Of course, all the tips here are just my personal opinions, and you may have to switch them around a bit to fit your body type and personal style, but hopefully, they help a bit. Happy shopping!

:) D


Anonymous said...

I really like the last one and I don't wear bikini's - it looks very female James Bond-ish!

normagail morag said...

Thanks !
That did help,I loved the design of the pink shaded bathing suit.Will be doing bathing suit shopping this weekend.Thanks for taking the time to do this !!

Trendini said...

hey, I loved the last polka dotted bikini..if they have it in navy and white, you can go full natical! By the way, love your blog, read it everyday. I have it linked on my blog :) Feel free to link mine...but only if you like it...if not, then let`s just pretend this did not happen ;) Keep u the great work!

Shopaholic D said...

...and who wouldn't want to be James Bondish? I mean, the Bond girls are always considered "hot", n'est-ce pas?

You're welcome Normagail. Happy shopping!

Hey Trendini, yea, that suit would be really pretty in navy/white too! Glad to hear you're an avid reader...thanks for stopping by! I'll def check out your blog.

:) D

Shaiful said...

Hello my dear, lucky me I've changed my blog's name to Shopaholics Anonymous Malaysia... anyway I like yours and do visit mine too kay... bye!