Monday, August 06, 2007

Chic Swap: Sweet Skirt Look

Isn't it weird how swapping just a couple items from an outfit can change the entire look?

*I swapped out the blazer and peep-toes, tucked in the top, and added a woven leather belt and pointy-toed pumps*

Which one do you like better?

Golden Cotton Top: Rebecca Beeson
Off-White Camisole: The Limited
Khaki Skirt: The Gap
Off-White Peep-Toes: J Crew
Off-White Blazer: Nanette Lepore
Pointy-Toe Pumps: Christian Louboutin
Woven Leather Belt: Banana Republic


G.G. said...

yeah it's amazing how a few little changes make such a dramatic difference. Love that Gap skirt - was that last spring's? And of course love the Louboutins :)

SHOEGAL said...

I like the second one better.
You have the knack of creating fab outfits!

Anonymous said...

I love the blazer and the skirt. very nice! Perfect for me going to work or just a bit dressy for going around town doing errands! Love it!

Eleh said...

it is weird but at the same time amazing. It's simply wonderful to know how to wear clothings in different ways.

oh. i like both but I like the tucked in better :D

Frasypoo said...

I like the first though you may have to wait a few more months to wear that !!!
I like both looks too,it has a summer approaching fall look!

Candid Cool said...

I like both versions, very summery & professional

Shopaholic D said...

Hey GG - the Gap skirt is from back when Sarah Jessica Parker did a huge ad for them - I think a couple years ago.

Hey Shoegal, thanks for the vote and the compliment!

Why, thanks, Anonymous 6:42! I hadn't thought of using it for errands, but that's a great idea, and it is pretty comfy!

Glad you liked the post, Eleh - I've got another one coming tonight. Thanks for the vote!

Hey Frasypoo - I get cold really easily (especially indoors), so while I probably won't be wearing it outdoors for a couple months (not here in the south...phew, it's muggy) but it's a must-have for those chilly offices!

Thank ya, thank ya, Candid Cool!

:) D

Anonymous said...

Where can I find a cute blazer like that one?
-From a budgeted Fashionista!

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Anonymous!

I would try Gap, Old Navy, Forever 21 or H&M (if you're lucky enough to have an H&M in your town...I wish I did!)

Happy Shopping!

:) D