Friday, August 31, 2007

Colored Hosiery: Must Shop or Must Not?

Not sure if you've noticed or not yet, but colored hosiery is popping up left and right for Fall 2007. What do you think? Is it too over-the-top for you or right up your alley? If I got colored tights (which I probably will), I'd probably start with purple:

American Apparel RSAPH Opaque Pantyhose - $14 (available in many more colors

There's been a lot of buzz on the blogosphere over these and while I've seen them done well in a couple outfits, I just don't think I'm this brave:

American Apparel RSAC306 Gold Lame Leggings - $40

Are colored-hosiery a "Must Shop" or a "Must Not" for you? Are you brave enough to try the gold lame leggings?

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LML said...

thanks for stopping by my blog - im loving yours!
i want some purple tights too for fall or maybe a mustart yellow?

coco said...

the blue i love but i dont think i could go near the gold its too scary

Catlin said...

I've noticed it too! But I don't now, it's not really my style...

Shopaholic D said...

you're welcome, lml! why thank you! yea, mustard yellow would be cute too...would look great w/ browns or blacks. is pretty, too, but i agree about the gold

i know what you mean, catlin!

:) D

Jennifer said...

I love both pairs especially the purple ones (or blue), they are such a perfect clour!

emsie said...

thanks for the comment

i'm definitely loving coloured hoisery; especially pink & purple.

not sure about the gold ones though


Aisha said...

I'd wear the first tights, but not sure about the gold ones.

Nice site (=

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Jennifer, thanks for the comment - I think they're purple, but they do look very blue, don't they?

You're welcome, Emsie. I haven't seen anyone wearing pink yet...but since I love pink, I'd love to see it with an outfit...I bet it'd be super cute!

That seems to be the group consensus, Thanks for the compliment!

:) D

1 Crazy Bride-to-Be said...

I wouldn't get caught with the gold leggings! They won't look good on me anyway. I have short legs and big thigs lol

Psyche said...

While those are fierce, I don't think I would be brave enough :). I'd probably play it safe by starting with a deeper color like cranberry or aubergine.

olivegrey said...

I have always worn red tights with black dresses. I was also inspired by Balenciaga's mix of black jacket and skirt with bright blue tights.
p.s: Just linked you on my blog

Shopaholic D said...

lol 1-crazy-bride-to-be!

psyche, i like the way you're thinking - those colors sound super pretty as tights!

hey olivegrey - thanks! your red/black combo sounds cute!

:) D

Teresa said...

I'd have to see how they look first but who tries on hosiery? The purple ones are cute. Gold-not for me.

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Teresa - Yea, I guess I've never tried on hose...luckily, they're not too, too expensive if you get the wrong size, ya know?

:) D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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