Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Week of Thrifts: Day 3 Preppy

From my weekend secondhand shopping spree, I also picked up this adorable seersucker skirt:

To me, seersucker can be almost like jeans - you can wear nearly anything with it so long as the fabric and style is similar. A peek of my lace-fringed camisole along with vibrant red in the top and shoes make for a fun, but work-worthy outfit.
Lace Camisole - Banana Republic
Red Top - Banana Republic
Red Leather Shoes - *thrifted* Tod's (yea, I got these shoes from a thrift store for $25)

A belted, melon-toned cardigan makes the look a little less preppy and a little more funky...still pretty preppy, though. Hard to get away from that look with seersucker, right?
Lace Camisole - Banana Republic
Melon Cardigan - Banana Republic
Faux Snakeskin Belt - Liz Claiborne
Brown Espadrilles - Banana Republic


JJ said...

SUPER CUTE! But you need accessories, honey. Shop

Frasypoo said...

I love the second look,its something I do a lot in winter

Anonymous said...

I need some help! I am going on a romantic beach trip/vacation for 4 days with my beau and I do not have a clue what to wear! I'm 5'4", 125 lbs. and my waist is 28". I want something breezy and versatile. I hate packing a ton of outfits for a few days! HELP ME!
-Beach Bound Blonde

Anonymous said...

I totally love the dressy outfit. A must for us working gals!

Candid Cool said...

I am really liking that watermelon color of the cardigan, I esp. like how you belted it in the 2nd outfit

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Candid Cool! I'm all about the belts right now...

:) D