Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crazy for Kooba - Fall 2007 Picks

I've been seeing Kooba purses all over the blogosphere for the last...well, since I've been blogging, really. The more I see these fabulous totes, the more I want one...and compared to other premium designers, Kooba bags are pretty affordable. If I were to get a Kooba purse for Fall 2007, I'd probably get one of these:

Kooba Elisha Shoulder Bag
The bow helps make this chic purse extra feminine (and you guys know I love feminine) - the neutral color would make it super versatile and the metallic detailing adds extra glam

Hannah Metallic Clutch
This rock-chic clutch is big enough to carry around on a regular basis and cute enough to take your fave outfit up a notch. This purse would look great with jeans, mildly embellished boots, and a dainty top.

Paige Shoulder Tote
I love all the little buckles all over this simple yet ornate tote. The ivory-toned leather will look great with your "winter whites", as well as, either black or brown. Who doesn't like so much versatility in a lovely, leather package?

Which one is your favorite? Do you like another one more?

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Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I can't decide which I like best! I think I may be tempted to go towards the clutch, as I do love my clutch bags. Are they pricey? (Is that a stupid question)

Teresa said...

I like the clutch most, but I'm not a big bag kinda girl. Cute stuff though!

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Girl with the Golden Touch - that's not a stupid question, although I have to ask back, "Define 'expensive'". Some people would say it's expensive and some wouldn't...Personally, I think it's kinda expensive, but worth saving $ to buy. Most Kooba's that I've seen run between $400 and 700.

Hey Teresa, Kooba makes some smaller ones...I just have a lot of stuff, so I picked the bigger

:) D