Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Must Shop: Non-Bra

I remember a long time ago, someone told me you could put band aids over your you-know-whats in lieu of a bra or strapless bra or in place where a bra can't go (think skinny strap prom dress, etc.). Let me tell you from first hand experience, the band aid rumor is just that...a rumor...and it definitely doesn't work!

Not a fan of going w/o, I knew there had to be something out there!

A few years ago, I discovered the wonder of bra petals. Tape-like on the inside - smooth & cloth-like on the outside, you could stick these bad-boys on for the skimpiest top or prettiest formal dress (with that uniquely awesome back that prevented the use of all bra shapes known to man) to give yourself some extra coverage. However, these didn't go on quite so flat all the time and were disposable, becoming expensive, especially with all those cute going-out tops on the market these days. Not to mention they're sort of like saran-wrap - easy to mess-up.

Then, I discovered, perhaps, one of the best inventions ever for us girls - "nippies silicone by bristol6:"

These are like bra petals, but so much better. They're easier to put on (you don't have to worry about accidentally sticking the petal to itself) and are reusable for up to 50 times! Now you can buy all those super-cute strappy tank tops and formal gowns without worrying about how you'll cover yourself up. You'll be able to spend the whole day or night out and about in total comfort for a mere $19.95.

No matter how strange the straps:

bebe Halter Blouson Tunic Top

or how deep the "V":

bebe Mirrored Satin Chiffon Dress

You're covered with bristol6 nippies silicone - click here to get yours!

This ranks a 5 on the Must Shop Meter based on price and usability.

NOTE: images by bristol6.com and bebe.com, respectively


1 Crazy Bride-to-Be said...

hi there. I enjoyed reading your blogs. May I link you? Thanks!

Frasypoo said...

Sounds good.also Victorias secret ahs a convertible bra that helps too.You can change the straps a 100 ways

Jules said...

not for anyone over a B cup surely!

Shopaholic D said...

You sure can - thanks for asking! Happy wedding planning!

Yea, I have something from Vic's but not 100 styles...maybe 4 or 5. The nippies are good when there's a low-cut back,etc., though.

I guess it depends on the person's comfort level going w/o a bra. Sometimes, I've seen dresses that have good support, but are too thin.

:) D

dianabobar said...

that bebe dress looks so similar to a burberry one!

Shopaholic D said...

really? i haven't seen that one yet, but between the two, im more likely to get the bebe! haha

:) D

ENID P. said...

I love that sexy top...


Anonymous said...

Bra petals are a terrible idea. For further info see last week's people magazine page 120 or the cover of Playboy July-August issue.