Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chic & Sweet: Dior Ruffly Red Purse

I'm not sure if it's the fact that Valentine's Day is coming up or just that I have a thing for super girly things, but I am loving this super-cute, chic & sweet tote:

Dior Gipsy Ruffled Medium Hobo - $1755.00



WendyB said...

I have a pair of panties that look just like that!

Rach said...

The bag is so pretty! It's just too bad that rent wins hands down. =(

Kate said...

That is really cute!! I love the color.

G.G. said...

What a cute scrumptious bag! Gonna go see it in person and put in on FBmo.

But, what I really came to say was that the VAMPY necklace came today, and OMG it is the most GORGEOUS thiing ever! I must have felt that it was coming, because I was wearing a black and white rose shirt today. I put it on immediately and I love it! Thank you for the earrings too, darling, they are a perfect, tasteful complement. Will post on my new treasures tomorrow. Thank you thank you thank you!

*: Tammi Cherise Tan :* said...

OMG I'm in LOVE with that bag!!