Monday, January 21, 2008

Crisp or Casual: Get White Hot for Spring '08

It seems like white has been an "it" color for several years in a row now and really, what's not to like? Perhaps white will be the new black? Whatever the case, I love it, especially for spring/summer months, so designers, bring it on!

Here are my favorite white finds online:

Long Volley Blouse - $88

Kimchi & Blue Goin' To Acapulco Dress - $78

Contour jackson stretch cotton-blend wide-leg pant - $78

Prada Cervo Folding Frame Bag - $1950

Stuart Weitzman 'Daniella' Leather Sandal - $285

Which do you prefer in the realm of fashion - white or black?

NOTE: Images/items from respective sites


Vintage Bunny said...

LOve that bag and sandals,very classy

A.N said...

Purdy white dress! I love it, and the Stuart Weitzman 'Daniella' Leather Sandal looks really good.
I'm really into dresses and heels now.

Amethyst said...

White is pretty and a nice change but I've always prefered black. It doesn't show the slightest dirt mark like white does. You can leave the house in a nice pair of white pants and the minute you brush up against something you get dirty. For my lifestyle, black is more practical, slimming and useful in my wardrobe.

Kate said...

I love white but like the previous commenter said, not always practical. I have more black than white but love the white tops I have.

Nilz said...

Perfect outfit! Bag looks great.

bitterbabe said...

I thikn that white is always classic. My goal this summer is to get a LWD (little white dress) !

Taylor said...

i am in love with the white dress from urban!!

Seyller Robertson said...

Great Blog!!! I just wanted to get your opinion on Victoria's Secret's CEO's press release, since it looks like you are partial to the line. She thinks Victoria Secret has gotten too sexy and wants to return to better quality goods.

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Seyller!

I don't think they're worried about being too sexy so much as young. I think they should just open two distinct stores - one for the teeny boppers and one for the ladies who want classy lingerie.

:) D