Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Little Shoulder - A Lotta Sexy

I'm such a huge fan of one-shoulder tops, whether they be on dresses or just tops-I think they're fab. Most importantly (for me), I think they accentuate my shoulders nicely, which is good for me, b/c I find my shoulders wide and awkward at times...maybe the one-shoulder strappy thing hides the fact that my shouldesr are wide? Stupid gymnastics! I dunno...what I do know is that I am so happy the one shoulder look is "in" again! I've seen a few on the runways, but not too many in the stores yet...maybe they'll come out in full force when we get closer to spring? I'll cross my fingers. In the meantime, here are some I found online:

As U Wish Juniors Gold Metallic One Shoulder Dress - $34.99 (from $58)

Red by Marc Ecko One-Shoulder Print Dress - $59

Maggy London One Shoulder Silk Dress - $138

bebe Sexy One Shoulder Dress - $149

LaROK Cleo One Shoulder Dress - $198

YAYA AFLALO black jersey 'Noir' one-shoulder dress $198 (from $330)

Carmen Marc Valvo One-Shoulder Taffeta Dress $565

Of course, you guys know me and my unlucky skill of always picking out the most expensive item of a rack...the Carmen Marc Valvo is my fave. Just look at the back of this!

Sexy and classy all in one chic doesn't get much better than this. Hmm...maybe I should get this one for my rehearsal dinner?

NOTE: Images/items by respective web sites


Sara said...

I looked for a one shoulder dress for NYE and couldn't find one. My fave is the last one also! Beautiful!

WendyB said...

I love one-shoulder dresses. And I have narrow shoulders!

bitterbabe said...

Ohmygoodness D! I love off the shoulder tops too! The collarbone is so sexy! And I think they will be coming into stores soon - I saw that they are an upcoming 2008 trent in Lucky magazine!

Shopaholic D said...

aw, that stinks, sara! maybe you can get one for nye '08?

i bet they look fab on you, wendy!

yes, the collarbone part is sexy! let's hope they hit stores soon!

:) D

Aisha said...

I love that trend! (:

alexgirl said...

I love all of those! For xmas I got the most fantastic 1 shoulder dress. I think it was by Velvet. Yes, here's the link:

Happy New Year!

Shopaholic D said...

Alexgirl - you got that for xmas? wow...what a lucky one ever gets me chic clothing for xmas, unless i'm giving it to myself...haha. thanks for the link - that dress is so pretty!

:) D

Lady N said...

I love this look - because I think my shoulders are my best features!

G.G. said...

Yes, one-shoulder tops and dresses are in full force this spring, so within a month you should have lots and lots to choose from. My fave of these is the red one on the bottom.

Shopaholic D said...

hell yea, lady n!

woohoo, gg! bring em on!

:) D

Andrea.N said...

I would say I love the black Bebe dress, its flattering with a touch of elegence, and the slight pencil cutting is pretty sweet.

My Blog.

Candid Cool said...

i like the yaya and surprisingly the bebe one. while ive never been to a wedding, i think the bebe one may be a bit too on the sexy side (but u are the bride after all!) i think the last one would be pretty for the dinner, (crap! why did i pick the most expensive one!)

Shopaholic D said...

i agree andrea!

hey candid cool - oh yea, the only one here I'd consider for the rehearsal is the last one...that bebe is waaaay too sexy for my style for a wedding event...unless it were for the bachelorette party! heeeey!

:) D

Miss Angel said...

That LaRok dress is so yum!

Elizabeth Blake said...

I love this blog about the one shoulder dresses... it's so nice to see a collection of fabulous designs. I got a great dress by Phillip Lim , similar to the black one you featured. It's actually very elegant and flattering.

They even price matched me with another site that had it on sale...

Great store.

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Your Phillip Lim sounds lovely! I always love their designs from the runway collections. Price matched? That's nice - was it the Phillip Lim web site?

:) D