Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Must Shop: Blazers for Spring 2008

If you're on a budget or maybe just picky and want to only get a couple "it" pieces for spring, then definitely pick out the chicest blazer you can find, b/c afterall, no matter your style, you can find one to suit your tastes and...

...with a blazer, you can...

Go minimal:

Back East Blazer (Online Only!) $58.00

Go Maximal:

Iisli Tiffany Sequined Blazer $498

Dress it up:

Lightweight wool peplum blazer $198

Or, dress it down:

Three-button shrunken blazer $69.50

The possibilities are nearly endless. Which one is your fave?

Notes: images/items by repsective sites


Kate said...

I really like the last 2. I love that style!

A.N said...

Fantastic entry!
It was exactly what I was looking for at this point. A blazer!

I'm loving the 1st one, i think its simple and nice.


Nilz said...

Blazers look great - varieties of designs & very fashionable. Rather difficult to vote for anyone! That Back East is both cheap and trendy.

Anthony said...

So many blazers, and they're all gorgeous!

Love your blog!!

Wanna trade links?? :-)

A.N said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog (: Always puts a smile on my face when there's new visitors.
Hope you manage to find a maxi dress.

Do you want to trade links?

phera said...

I got the first one from Urban Outfitters. I LOVE the fit! I've already gotten many compliments on it.

bitterbabe said...

I LOVE boots too! It's so funny I've 3 posts about boots today!!! I don't like UGGS either but you can't deny they are comfortable....

bitterbabe said...

I love blazers with jeans - it looks so chic!