Monday, January 28, 2008

Navy & Black: Faux Pas or No Prob?

In response to my navy post the other day, shopaholic sweetie bitterbabe, asked:

"I have a question for you - one of my coworkers don't think that Navy and Black can be worn together... I think otherwise... I don't think there are any fashion rules! What do you think?"

Well, bitterbabe, I always thought that you weren't supposed to wear the two together, but after a very quick google search, I found a couple sites saying that navy & black worn together in some instances is ok. The gist of what I gathered was that if you wore black shoes with navy clothing it was ok, but you shouldn't wear black pants and a navy top b/c it looks like you accidentally wore the two together rather than purposefully doing so (i.e. maybe you thought that navy top was actually black). Now, this is just research talking. For me, personally, I have a thing against wearing the two together, although I have seen many people at the bank wearing black shoes with navy pants, and I have done so on occasion. I'm up in the air on this one, though, and would like to get additional feedback from some more people.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Help us out and vote below. Leave a comment with extra feedback if you have more to say about this topic...we'd love to hear what you have to say.

Is it ok to wear navy & black together?
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WendyB said...

If it looks good, go for it. You just don't want to make it look like an accident, like you got dressed in the dark. I guess it's just trial and error.

bitterbabe said...

D you are sooo suhweet! Thank you for looking into this! Hmm.. I still it's a yes - right now the poll is showing yes too! Would you ever try it at least? If anybody could pull anything off it would be you (not trying to suck up!!!)

SHOEGAL said...

It's funny you should ask this today as I am wearing just that - a navy dress with a black belt and black sweater underneath it. My tights are black and shoes are navy patent. I think it looks fine.

Shopaholic D said...

you're welcome, bitterbabe! i'd definitely try navy and black before black & brown...although, i do think light brown and black are acceptable to wear together. I've worn black shoes with navy clothes, but i still think brown looks better. guess i'm just quirky that I don't care if other people wear navy & black together, but i get anxious wearing it, myself. lol

:) D

Elisabeth said...

As long as you choose suited pieces, it looks good.

Flair said...

I think its OK - I agree with WendyB, just don't make it look like an accident!

Anonymous said...

It depends on the shade of the navy. If it's a dark navy, it might look like an accident. If it's a brighter navy, it might look okay with black.
I have seen a lot of brown and black together, looking nice. Black and brown together do not look like an accident unless the brown is very dark.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a great, timeless combination -- but you have to take care with it to make it look intentional. I always wear it so that the black and navy alternate with each other. For example, a navy dress with a black sweater or belt and black shoes could look great, but if you wore all navy except for the shoes, it would just look off.

In fact, I'm wearing black and navy today -- I have a black skirt and cami with a navy pullover, navy stockings, black boots, and a chunky black-and-blue necklace. It looks great.