Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Miss America: Reality Check - Black Dress Challenge

Did anyone else watch the runway portion of that TV show Miss America: Reality Check? The girls had to take plain black dresses and add their own style to them using tips they received earlier in the show from a style expert. Then, they had to use tips they learned for how to walk the catwalk to showcase their dresses on the runway:

I thought it was a pretty interesting show, and I liked watching how the girls made-over their dresses. I most liked seeing their final works on the runway - some were really chic and some were...not so much. The judges really hated the dress that Miss Tennessee did (not shown in the video - I searched all over the web for it, but couldn't even find a photo), so you can imaging how interesting I thought it was to see this online today. I actually like the red dress, but without the branch thingy.

Did anyone else watch this show? What did you think?

If anyone finds a photo of the dress Miss Tennessee did, please leave a comment. :) Much thanks!


constant_drama said...

The video is too dark, cant see anything...

Shopaholic D said...

yes, it's dark but it's the only video I could find, unfortunately. it doens't help it was shot at night and outdoors...lol

:) D