Friday, January 25, 2008

Navy for Every Budget: Spring 2008

It seems like navy has been showing up as a popular spring color for at least a year or so now, yet it can be a hard color to find in stores. This season, shops have picked up the pace by offering a lot more options for every price range. Personally, I love the navy look - paired with bright melon or green, or just white for a nautical look - it's a great alternative to black when worn right. Here are some of my picks from the web:

Old Navy - Women's Braided Trim Keyhole Tanks - $14.50

Forever 21 - 3Q Cotton Jacket - $29.50

J Crew - Chino 3" Shorts - $39.50

Gap - Belted 3/4-sleeve dress - $49.50

Anthropologie - Scalloped Linen Skirt - $68

Banana Republic - Silk-blend pleated dress - $108

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Ace of Spades Bikini - $158

Alberta Ferretti - Satin Platform Sandal - $575.00

Stella McCartney - Soft Patent Saddle Bag - $845

Note: Images/items by respective web sites/companies


Kate said...

I love the Gap dress!

bitterbabe said...

Oooh I love the Gap dress too! I love the heels and the Stella bag. I have a question for you - one of my coworkers don't think that Navy and Black can be worn together... I think otherwise... I don't think there are any fashion rules! What do you think?

Candid Cool said...

maybe i'll allow myself a navy t-shirt this season

The Girl said...

I absolutely love the McCartney bag! Hummmmm.... said...

Navy always looks great! I love the shoes and the blazer!!

ms. less is always more said...

That bag is just too delicious...

restless said...

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