Monday, June 26, 2006

Black is Back - You Know You Miss It - Fall 2006 Style

I know what you're thinking..."Why the heck is this girl posting about fall when it's so hot outside?!?" Well, I got curious this weekend and wanted to see what was on our way for fall fashion, so I scoped out I guess after a looooooooooong season of white, designers have decided to bring the black look back! I love the white trend...I'm all about it, really. But, I truly love the whole black look - so sleek and mod! I miss it...and shopaholic know you miss it, too! Here are some of my fave fall looks:

Michael Kors

Looks like the whole belt trend is going to carry over to fall...yay! I'm not over my belts just yet. And are those knee-highs? Sadly enough, I was in the Clueless era and actually kinda like knee-highs. Check out the black hose on the 2nd chick! I remember my mom tried to get me to wear these when I was a kid, and I absolutely hated them...but now, they look pretty good. Ooh, and the vest look I love, too!

Zac Posen

I want some boots like fact, I'd like to have the dress, too! And, am I the only one who thinks this all black suit is super chic? I'd definitely rock this look!

Bottega Veneta

Ok, ok, so these outfits aren't black. But the point is that in addition to black, designers are working with toned down and more mute colors, and I really love this charcoal-y color! The coat above is fabulous - anyone care to buy it for me? You know, Christmas in July present maybe?

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shopdiary said...

cool review! i like knee highs. i think i still have my black ones from the mid 90s!

btw, i've been meaning to add you to my blogroll but for some reason, wordpress must have disabled something. i will check it out.

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks ShopDiary! knee highs are fun when done right. i kinda hope they come back...heehee

awww....thanks for thinking of adding me! I love your blog, so you're definitely on mine!

:) D

sunshinealways said...

An all-black outfit will never go out of style in my book!

Savvy Snob said...

i heart black...

Shopaholic D said...

Sunshinealways - I totally agree!

Savvy Snob - me too!

;) D