Friday, November 17, 2006

Fashion Friend - Couture in the City on J-Lo

Fashion Friend, Couture in the City's Wendy O, writes

Jennifer Lopez Voted Best Dressed, Couture in the City Fashion Blog


Bazaar Magazine has recently named Jennifer Lopez as their Best-Dressed woman of the year. Although I don't agree with her fashion sense, I must say that she is probably one of the most inventive and daring dressers out there.

Make a splash in your own daring ensemble, Jennifer-style and LeFashionista-style with this little number from Kahri:

Guitar Angel Ruched Dress, $100.00

Read more and see more pictures of Jennifer Lopez at Couture in the City (click here)


Anonymous said...

I new there was a reason I stopped reading Hrpers Bazaar and started reading Vogue what were they thinking all I can say is I hope they got paid to print that! Off all the people to say as beest dressed over the last year....JLo...I think not!

Anonymous said...

J.Lo is okay... I don't think she is the best.. But I do think that her in the cover would sell more magazines..

What happen to this Olsen?