Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Which Famous Party Girl Are You? Take the Glam Quiz!

Tonight, I took the Glam.com quiz, "Which Famous Party Girl Are You?", and here are my results:

You’re Lindsay Lohan!You like to step out in style, be center stage, grind on the dance floor with the hottest guys—and even lose control from time to time—just like chic party princess Lindsay Lohan. And why not? You’re just having fun—exactly what a onetime teenage drama queen should be doing with her free time. But just like shooting star Lohan, you know where to draw the line and do your best not to cross it—at least in public.

I'm actually pretty surprised by the results, because I don't think I'm that much like Lindsay Lohan, but then again, it's not like I know her personally. Maybe we'd be friends if I were famous or if she wasn't. lol

Ok, I reread the description for the results, and it actually does sound like me, especially where they said, "You’re just having fun...you know where to draw the line and do your best not to cross it—at least in public." That's definitely me! I love to have a good time, but I like to be a lady at the same time!

So, what kind of famous party girl are you? Take the quiz and post your results in a comment! :) D


shoegal said...

I'm Cameron Diaz apparantly!

Shopaholic D said...

Hey ShoeGal...Cameron Diaz seems fun! what is her party style?

:) D

Anonymous said...

I am Paris Hilton !!!!!!

Shopaholic D said...

sweet...she's a total party princess!

:) D