Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Win Indie Skin Care Goods! It's Easy, Just Shop!

So, I'm sure a lot of you guys will be taking full advantage of the after Thanksgiving/general holiday sale deals going around. I totally approve...get some good deals, girls! Oh, and when you're done, be sure to send a picture of your latest shopping spree to enter this month's contest for a free Skin Care set by 360 Skin Care - Handmade Indie goodness...and it could be yours just for going shopping!

Skin Rejuvenation Kit (click for details) - retails at $38.70

Here's the site description:
360 Skin Care offers our Skin Rejuvenation Kit with a 10% group discount. Repair dull dry skin while keeping you skin looking its best. It includes a container of each:
Body Lotion (8 oz)
Body Scrub (10 oz)

Basically, just shoot me up to 3 photos of your latest shopping spree(s) - anything from bath goods to clothes to ...well...whatever it is you're into at the moment. Here are the "official rules" b/c I should probably technically post some...

Here are the rules:
Theme: Shopping Trips! Perfect for us shopaholics, right? I want to see your latest shopping splurges!
Who: Anyone! This contest is open to anyone, so get your digital cams out and take some pictures of your shopping splurges!
1. Prize will be the yummy Skin Rejuvenation Kit by 360 Skin Care.
2. To enter, simply email me at diana at dcelestine dot com with a picture of your latest shopping trip - what you got - whether you got only one item or lots.
3. Each photo received will count as one entry and each person gets 3 entries total.
4. Photo must be your original work, please don't send me copyrighted material.
5. Photos will be numbered as they are received, and a random number will be selected as the winning entry.
6. Photo must be received before the winner is selected on Thursday, November 30, 2006.
7. If you don't want any of your information displayed (i.e. name, city/state, etc.) please tell me so in your email. Likewise, if you do wish for any of your information to be displayed, please provide any information you'd like me to show with your entry. If you have a blog (with appropriate content, i.e. no adult and no spam), let me know your URL and I'll add a link back to your blog.

8. I'm checking with 360 to see if they ship internationally, so stay tuned if you're out of the US.

Let's see what you guys get this season!!

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