Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Sweater Dress Styled Chic

So, I was browsing tonight, checking out some of their latest articles and other fun stuff, when I stumbled upon a section called "Celebs in Knits." Sure, there were lots of cute outfits in the 8 collective photos, but this one caught my eye:

I knew the sweater dress was cute and could be dressed up and all, but this is just so chic! I mean, look at Joy Bryant rocking her sweater dress's just cold-weather-red-carpet-perfection. Love the dress and love that belt...who says the hip-slung belt is out?

The picture is of Bryant at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of Bobby, which is the movie gushing over with a wealth of celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, and about twenty other a-listers.

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