Sunday, May 27, 2007

Charleston Style on a Budget

Here are some must-haves if you're headed for a warm-weather Charleston, SC vacation this summer 2007:

Cute Flip-Flops

J Crew Leather Capri sandals - $48

If you think you need to wear heels everywhere you go in Charleston, think again. Flip flops are not only acceptible, but pretty much the norm here - from day to night. Of course, if you're going to fancy-schmancy restaurant, you may want to take some heels in your tote, but with the cobblestone roads and all the walking, some comfy (yet still cute) shoes are a must.

Seersucker Anything

Old Navy Women's Strapless Seersucker Dress - $36.50

Seersucker is IMO a classic southern style fabric. Not only is it stylish, but it's super lightweight and comfy making it ideal in this very warm and very humid weather. I never see as much seersucker as I do in Charleston.

A Cute, Cotton Cover-Up

Old Navy Women's Strapless Crepe Dress - $34.50

For the beach, the pool, or just a comfy outfit to wear out-and-about, a cute, cover-up (like the one I found at Gap earlier) is a great item to bring on your Charleston vacation. I've been staying at the beach my whole trip and the cutest cover-ups have been little strapless dresses, not to mention I've seen these same dresses around town.

For anyone headed on vacation in the South (not Charleston), these same must-haves would likely work for any Southern vacation this summer. Happy Shopping!


G.G. said...

Cute flip-flops. I love the look of cobblestone streets, but I hate trying to walk on them in heels, after I almost killed myself in Paris by stepping funny on a cobblestone and plunging headlong into the gutter. My twisted ankle didn't hurt half as much as the humiliation I felt, since I was trying to seem very chic, not like the ditzy American who can't walk in heels!

lilly said...

i love this post!!!! i hope you had fun. did you check out king street?

also, if you get the time, i need some advice. i am 5'2 with some hips on me. i am supposed to wear a-line dresses, right? any suggestions?

LookBook said...

i love the gold flats: they match with everything!!

-ciao bella- said...

haha i'm actually going to charleston for a few weeks this summer. i love it there- so pretty. i also love those flipflops... so cute

Clair said...

I have the j crew flip flops in white, they are realy comfortable and go with everything.

Shopaholic D said...

I think I tried heels or tall espadrilles the first time i went to's been flats pretty much ever I've been to Paris...lovely least you didn't seriously injure your ankle.

Yes, Lilly, but only for a bit this year. Usually, we spend a bit more time around the market, but this year we spent most of our time at the beach ;)

They do! They're awesome, LookBook!

Ooh...sounds like you'll have some fun shopping trips to get ready for your trip, Ciao Bella.

I hadn't thought about getting them in white, but now that you mention it, that's a great idea! Maybe I should get a second pair...hmmm?

:) D

plain.jane said...

i like the yellow dress alot.. looks very sweet!

Marisa said...

cute dresses! does anyone know of a store/boutique in charleston or maybe mt pleasant called EDN or EDS? something like that - initials only? trying to recall and cannot! help!