Monday, May 14, 2007

Adorable Loose-Fitting Dress for Summer 2007

I want this dress:

Velvet - Gretta in Midnight
Image and item from

It's very Nicole Richie, no?

...on drawback - the web site says this is a top, yet it comes up when you click on Dresses. I wonder if this would be too short to wear as a dress if you aren't a super-rich celebutante? Hmmm...


LT said...

That dress is way cute!

Anonymous said...

I like it! It looks very cool and comfortable for those summer nights when it's 95 degrees at 8:00pm! I'd wear a pair of black lycra bike shorts underneath if its too sheer or too short. :-)

divashop said...

That is too cute!

archivarian (an archivarian & library mistress) said...

You could try wearing it with leggings. I saw a girl wearing a lovely green, white and brown patterned duro-esque dress/top (it hit mid-thigh with ballerina flats and black leggings on the bus.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but nicole richie only wears extremely expensive clothes and i have a lot of respect for people like her

Shopaholic D said...

exactly, LT!

I haven't owned a pair of bike shorts in years, but if this dress is as short as I think it is, I'm thinking bike shorts are a must! At least wear something in case there's a sudden wind or something!

Yes, yes, Divashop!

Leggings are a definite possibility, but I really like the way it looks just as a dress...I think since it's not too revealing up top or too tight, it'd be easy to pull off the slightly shorter hemline.

Yea, Nicole Richie probably wouldn't wear this dress, but she has stuff kinda like it

:) D