Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Reader Question: Peasant Blouse

Shopaholic sweetie, NormaGail, asks, "Where can I find a pair of wide leg trousers or jeans, am also looking for one of those blouses that have a peasant look with the big sleeves and that are meant to be tucked into the wide legged pants ?"

(For my "I'm-no-fashion-expert-disclaimer", click here)

Hey Norma, Since I wasn't sure about your colors or budget, I found three options for you. The tops I found are slightly modernized peasant tops, which I think will add some extra chic to your peasant top and wide-leg look:

Banana Republic Jersey Peasant Top - $44
Probably the most normal-peasanty-looking top of the group - simple and comfy

Kenneth Cole Reaction Swing Top - $99
I love how this top is lacy b/c lacy looks haute with wide leg pants - the femininity of the top balances out the menswear-style look of wide-leg-pants.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Broderie Anglaise Top - $268
Clean lines with ornate details that add extra style to the overall look

Happy Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

Anthropologie has a great selection of wide leg pants and jeans. I just bought the whale watching trousers. I also bought a poet shirt from Banana Republic, but I never thought about wearing them together. I'm going to give it a try, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I found a pair of wide leg trouser style jeans at Express early this past Spring. Since it was on their early Spring line, I don't know if they'll still be in the stores, however, it can't hurt to try. The price was right too - under $100. (I think they were around $68.00) and a dark wash denim.

NormaGail Morag said...

I like the first 2 tops.the tunic style would help my lil pooch and I wont have to worry about my toothpick arms !
Thankyou !Its like having a personal hi-fashion stylist !

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Anonymous 9:29 PM - good call - they do have nice wide leg pants - prolly peasant blouses too! Hope your poet top/wide-leg-pant combo works out like you want it!

Anonymous 8:18 - i got some wide leg pants from Express too, now that you've reminded me! They do have pretty fair prices.

Anytime, NormaGail! Happy Shopping!

:) D

dianabobar said...

so the wide leg pants are really becoming a, I shouldn't be against it, should I? It was just so hard to get used to my ugly legs in skinny jeans and now something else comes up!
Oh well. Fashion!
Check out the last "Animal Print" photo shoot I did myself, posted on my blog. Feedback is really appreciated.
That's where I learn from!!
Thanks and kisses,

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Diana,

you can still rock em both (at least for now ;) )


Anda said...

Hi Norma,

Regarding the blouses that have a peasant look, check out the website
You will find there a variety of very chic and fasionable blouses. Let me know how you liked the web!