Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vera Bradley Bermuda Blue Shopping Spree

Vera Bradley has retired their Bermuda Blue pattern - my fave! This means two things (good and bad):

1. Bad - they've retired my favorite pattern, so eventually, I won't be able to buy any more unless I scour ebay *sad face*
2. Good - most stores are putting their retired VB on sale - some at 25% off, so I can buy my fave pattern at a discount, giving me reason to buy more, of course *happy face*

Here's what I got when I found out about the sale:

So I went a lil' crazy - I'm just a shopaholic - it's what I do!

Laptop Bag - So I can look chic if I'm working with any jewelry clients - casual chic, that is. I'd need a Gucci or something for upscale chic (as well as an extra couple thou laying around with nothing else to spend it on so I could spend it on the Gucci)
Curling/Straightening Iron holder - A must-have for any girl! Not only do they keep your irons looking chic, they are awesome for the travelling fashionista. Even if your iron is still hot, you can put it into this heat-protectant case to save the rest of your luggage
Purse - awesome for toting around every day or for a fun-filled vacation - especially good for vacations, actually, b/c all the pockets and space allow you to carry all your tourist essentials - bottled water, digital camera, ID, credit cards, lip gloss, etc.
Duffel Bag - So I can look cute when I'm on my way to the gym. You don't want to toss your change of clothes in a ratty old bag, do you? Not that it's not acceptable, but why not look cute at all times? Think about what Stacy and Clinton would say!

Are you a fan of Vera Bradley? Hit up your local VB selling shop soon before all the good styles run out! I believe they also retired Nantucket Navy, Hope Toile (orange-y pink), and Citrus (read flourescent yellow-green). Click here to view the patterns


Kerry said...

ooooh! thanks for the tip!

lilly said...

oooh i love vera bradley!! i'm going to have to check out my local retailer and see if there's a sale going on! i was actually thinking about getting the tote you bought a few posts down, it's so chic!

do you get your vera monogrammed?

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LT said...

Quick question! I'm torn between these two dresses and was wondering which one you'd go with?



Shopaholic D said...

You're welcome, Kerry!

Hey Lilly - the beach totes aren't on sale :( I think those were new this season so they don't have them in the patterns are that "soon-to-be-retired". I'm sure you'll find lots of other cute stuff, though!

Rolex rocks!

Hey lt, I def like the 2nd one kinda reminds me of something I'd see on Lindsey Lohan or Nicole Richie - very chic!

:) D

Luna said...

Thank you for getting back so quickly! I was definitely leaning towards the white one as well... I have way too many black dresses in my closet anyway!

Shopaholic D said...

You're welcome, Luna!

:) D

Anonymous said... has a significant stock of the Citrus, Hope Toile, Nantucket Navy, and Bermuda Blue all at 25% off. They also do free monograms!

Call them to order at 800-617-0087.

I just found several items I was looking for. Best of luck.