Monday, May 07, 2007

Reader Question: Stockings

Shopaholic sweetie, Tina, asks, "Is there any rule to wearing stockings with skirts? Should it be with a skirt of a particular style/length only? Is it too mature for a 27 year old?"

Before I answer, let me preface this with a couple "disclaimers". I've seen some nasty comments on blogs by people who get all pissy that the bloggers are claiming to be experts (even though most of them aren't). I am no fashion expert. I have not gone to fashion school and have no formal training. I can only say what is my opinion and talk about my personal style and if you don't agree, please feel free to leave a comment. I never intend for my answers or styling tips to be the final say whatsoever...In fact, I'd love to hear what some other readers think, so feel free to comment on!

Phew! Ok, that being said...

I've never actually worn stockings. I wear knee-highs nearly every day I wear dress pants to work (unless I'm wearing peep-toes, b/c you just can't really wear hose/knee-highs with peeps IMO). If I wear a dressy skirt to work - a pencil skirt or A-line skirt - I usually wear hose (again, unless I'm wearing peeps). It seems common practice at the bank (a location of pretty formal dressing) for ladies to wear some sort of leg covering under skirts, and by "ladies", I mean well-dressed sophisticates of all ages - recent college graduates to those about to retire. Come to think of it...maybe I should get some stockings - I bet they'd be more comfy that pantyhose!

I'm actually not a fan of hose/knee-highs in general b/c I don't think they're very comfortable, but I find them very appropriate for work and they seem to make the non-peep-toe heels easier to wear. Pretty much the only time I wear hose/knee-highs is to work. If I'm wearing a daytime skirt, I'm probably wearing sandals (from Rainbows to strappy heels), meaning I couldn't really wear hose, even if I wanted to...which I usually don't. Also, when I wear semi-formal to formal dresses - for special events or even dressy-dinner-dates, I don't usually wear hose...just my personal preference and really more of a comfort thing than anything else. answer your question, no, I don't think stockings are too mature for 27. I just think they need to be worn on the right occasions, which in my book are usually work-related. For daytime or nighttime looks, I prefer to go without. If you do want to wear them to work, which I find 100% appropriate, you're probably not going to wear anything about your knee (at least not too far above your knee) anyways, so a length just above the knee and lower should be just fine - I wouldn't go much higher don't want the stockings to show.

Here are some modern stockings for you working women:

SPANX via (photo and item) - 'Her Thighness' Thigh High Stockings

So, shopaholic readers...what do you guys think?


NormaGail Morag said...

Hi D,
Firstly your blog is hugely popular so you are considered an expert.In fact I have a few questions all lined up !But I totally agree with you.I wear panty hose to church if I go in the evening(in winter)and am wearing a formal skirt.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad to find someone who doesn't write off hose as totally disgusting! I know they aren't the prettiest things, but sometimes they are just necessary. I never thought of those thigh-high ones, so thanks for the suggestion!

Shopaholic D said...

Aww...NormaGail, you are too sweet! Thanks! Bring the questions on!

Hey CTPrep - agreed...sometimes hose are just necessary for certain occasions

:) D

Anonymous said...

Hey - Thanks so much for your post. I definitely needed another opinion, from someone whose style I really like :) I plan to add this to my work-skirts only, so your answer is right on.
You are the best!!
- Tina

fashion trail said...

love it

PSUBlondie said...

I'm a recent new reader and just love your blog! I wear hose mostly during the winter to work and usually around late march/april go hose free when it gets warmer out. There's nothing worse on a hot spring/summer day than wearing sticky pantyhose! But I love the patterned hose most of all during winter! That gives you a way to mix up your look a bit. I'm a consultant as well, so that's usually how I "rebel" with the standard boring dress code of suits and skirts in fall/winter!

Normagail Morag said...

Heres a question,
I love skinny jeans but I am short, about 5.2 and have painfully thin legs and I wonder if skinny jeans make me look shorter.I wear tops layered and with ballet flats,how do I lengthen my body other than with heels?
By the way that spanx suggestion is great(hose),I use spanx under dresses and look 2 inches smaller!

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Tina, sounds like you had the right idea to begin with...nice job!

Thanks Fashion Trail!

Hey PSU - I agree - hose are also great for colder weather. For those summer months, you could try the thigh-high stockings if you just want leg coverage. I haven't tried the patterned hose...not yet at least! maybe this fall if I'm still at the bank...hmmm? :)

NormaGail, I'll get on this one. Did you ever find your poofy-sleeved blouse?

:) D

Icy said...

I think if you write you can comment. I totally aggree with the "if you don't agree, don't take my advice" idea.

Cool blog by the way!

NormaGail Morag said...

I' m still looking for my blouse !I have arms that match my legs so they look a little bit odd !!

Shopaholic D said...

Exactly, Icy! And thanks!

I found a couple things for you, NormaGail...check my next post

:) D

divashop said...

Great post! I personally don't
wear hose because they irritate my skin, but if you exfoliate & moisturize your legs they can look great w/o hose!