Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hair Salon Styling - And I Don't Mean Hair

Today was just hot...after I left the bank (in my long pants and long-sleeved button down shirt), I wanted nothing more than to change into something more lightweight to offset the warm weather. Not to mention, I had a hair appointment and I remembered the last time I went to the salon it was on the warmer side. Anywho, I wanted to wear something cooler and on the chic side...afterall, I was on my way to a hip hair salon here in town. I decided to do something in black:

I love this tank top - it's kinda edgy, yet girly, and even sparkly all at the same time. It's also super comfy, which you guys know, is always a plus for me. I wore some simple black shorts and heels.

Blank tank top - bebe
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Black Heels - Enzo Angiolini


Philipp said...

Wow, you look very sexy in this outfit! The tank top is really chic.

archivarian (an archival & library mistress) said...

An absolutely lovely top! I love it says "Beauty" and not something hoochie like you see on a lot of young girl's chests or bums.

Anonymous said...

I think you are showing a little too much skin for an activitiy as casual as getting your hair done. This look is better suited for catching drinks at a downtown rooftop bar. When you are wearing stilettos with short shorts, the look is already asking for attention. Avoid crossing the line into "trashy" territory by pairing the shorts and stilettos with a more demure look, like a short-sleeve or 3/4-sleeve top. I know you said it was hot, but I moved from the north to South Florida and can still manage not to expose too much.

Or, if you insist on wearing the shorts with the tank, try a more casual shoe, like a flat sandal.

bitterbabe said...

D you look so hot, yet classy at the same time - work those legs!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Philipp!

Archivarian - Good eyes...I like how the text "Beauty" is written in an artistic font

Hey Anonymous, Yes, it's a bit on the scantily-clad side, but I gotta work this while I'm young right? jk but I usually do try to pair "one sexy with one non-sexy". I was going to wear jeans with the tank top, but it was just so hot, I thought the shorts would be more comfy. It's certainly not as hot here as Florida (where I grew up), but the salon is kinda warm inside, so I didn't want to be uncomfortable during my appointment, ya know? Anywho, thanks for the tips.

:) D

Shopaholic D said...

Why thank you, Bitterbabe!

:) D

NormaGail Morag said...

Great look!This season calls for shorts horts and high heels.Ignore the anonymous persons comment.You dont look trashy at all.Trashy would have been if your shorts are skin tight,top had a lot of cleavage and if you were 10 lbs bigger and wore this.
Great look,right on the mark!

Shopaholic D said...

heehee...thanks, NormaGail!

:) D

Jessorz said...

I actually have to disagree with "anonymous" (there it goes again), and say that I actually like the heels-and-shorts combo, especially when paired with a casual top. It lets you be casual (and stay cool in the heat) while not feeling too frumpy or lazy (i get into little ruts where all I wear is jeans and flats and it annoys me to no end). So, great job, D!

Shopaholic D said...

Exactly, Jessorz! I didn't want to go to this salon looking frumpy for 3 reasons - 1. the salon is in one of the nicest areas of town and 2. the salon is really chic and hip and 3. i just wanted to try something different

Thanks for the comment!

:) D