Monday, June 18, 2007

Forever 21 Does Cheap Chic Dresses

Anyone remember this post awhile back on American Eagle dresses? Well, apparently I need to get my a$$ over to Forever 21 asap to check out their super cute steals, like these:

Forever 21 - Jet Set Halter - $24

Forever 21 - Mandy Dress - $22.80

Forever 21 - Woven Cotton Dress - $19.80

I mean how affordable...I mean, adorable are these dresses?

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naddy said...

i love forever21... i got most of my tops from there :) im so glad they decided to open an outlet in malaysia :) so far there's only one here :)

Trendini said...

I love these dresses! I am going to NYC next weekend and will go nuts at Forever 21 (tough times it is when Montreal does not have a Forever 21!)

Shopaholic D said...

I didn't know they were in Malaysia...that's awesome!

Trendini...don't go too crazy...although, even if you do, you'll probably still spend less than you may have in another store!

:) D

naddy said...

yeah they opened here sometime last year :)they are quite reasonably priced and lots of choices. But i know it's much more cheaper in the uSA :)

PinkieAries said...

that`s soooo HOT!