Saturday, June 23, 2007

National Pink Day

Today is National Pink Day! As I'm a fan of the color pink, I figured I'd pass on the news. Not too much info on this on the web - I just happened to hear about it on the radio today.

Pink isn't exactly the "It Color" at the moment, but here are some finds for you pink fans out there:

...for the sophisticated pink fan:

Dooney & Bourke Large Lock Sac
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...for your sassy hot-pink summer outfits:

Kate Spade pink strappy suede 'Ignite' sandals
Image and item from

...for the pink party-goer:

Forever 21 Bamboo Tube Dress
Image and item from

...for the pink princess:

Juicy Couture 'Victoria' Leather Band Watch
Image and item from

...and finally, for you more-domesticated pink-inclined fashionistas:

Shop For the Cure - Pink Cookware Set
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Neiman Marcus actually has a few items for sale under their "Shop For the Cure" section - click here to shop. Make your kitchen pink-chic for a good cause.


G.G. said...

HOW ON EARTH could I have missed National Pink Day? Well, actually I never heard of it before, but I would have celebrated, had I known. LURV pink - awesome items you picked. Secret plot to bankrupt me? :P I want that set of pots and pans so much it hurts.

Moi said...

Oh my god the pink cookware set is just so adorable! I'd be more inclined to cook if I had that.

Shopaholic D said...

Secret plot? Me? heehee...more likely a secret plot to bankrupt!

Moi, I know, I really love it!

:) D

The Girl said...

OMG how cute!