Friday, June 15, 2007

Simple Outfit - Sassy Sash

So, I brought a friend by the shop where I got my Vera Bradley on sale, and lo-and-behold, they had new stuff on sale! While my friend shopped the totes, I started browsing the new sale items - flip flops, belts, sashes, scarves, cell phone cases, dog collars. I know you'll all be shocked when I tell you that I found a couple things to buy, including this sassy sash:

My simple black & white outfit gets a flash of color with this floral Vera Bradley sash in Botanica. Accessories are a great way to dress up the most boring business casual outfit. I also managed to pick-up a Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon to stick to my top while I was out for lunch - they were handing them out on the street, and not only do I #1 love to support Breast Cancer, but #2 it matched my outfit! I mean, I would have worn it either way, but I thought it was a funny coincidence.

Non-Iron Button-Down - Brooks Brothers
Black Pants - The Limited
Black Round-Toe Pumps - Michael Kors
Sash - Very Bradley


Anonymous said...

Great outfit. I love VB too. I always have a hard time tying sashes, how did you tie yours?

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks CTPrep! I'll try to figure out the best way to explain...let me take some pictures and stuff and I'll do a post.

:) D

shomore said...

Nicely put together outfit. The sash really makes the whole ensemble pop.