Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Goddess Must-Have: The Goddess Guide

You are a goddess. You may not think you are...but you are. You may not be rich or famous. You may not ever have the chance to model for a fashion magazine. You may not have a closet full of designer shoes. And...You most likely do not have a chapter dedicated to you in a mythology book. I don't think any of this stuff matters. I think that if you haven't done so already, you need to find your inner goddess and help bring her out of her shell so she can shine. This may be an easy feat for some of you, but whether you're still searching for or you've already discovered your inner goddess, here's a little something that every goddess should keep on her nightstand (which is where mine is):

Author, Gisele Scanlon, has compiled her favorite goddess-worthy tips from her very own personal adventures, as well as, encounters with your favorite designers and fashion mavens into the hot pink and black velvet covered book, THE GODDESS GUIDE.

THE GODDESS GUIDE covers topics from "Style" to "Travel" to "Joie de Vivre." Inside these deliciously bound pages are tips like what underwear you can wear without worrying about icky panty-lines, what clothes to pack if you're headed to Paris, and how to keep your home spick and span in style. Gisele has even included interview questions and answers with your faves, like Christian Louboutin and Laura Mercier, who answer questions like "So, what's the secret to finding the perfect foundation?"

Don't think the tips in THE GODDESS GUIDE are for the financially-well-endowed only. Some of the simplest and most affordable tips of all are in these pages, like, "Place lemon slices in an open bowl in the bathroom to keep the air citrus fresh." Think about getting a copy for your friends, too. The guide would also make an excellent graduation present or a gift to a friend who's having a hard time right now (a rough break-up maybe?) to remind her that she is a goddess and deserves better.

I wish I could provide more details around the tips inside this book, but with an average of 10 tips per page (that's a guesstimate), and over 250 pages, I could do blog posts for months. Besides my random flipping through chapters, I've read about one third of this book, and I can't wait to see what other goodies Gisele has included in the pages I haven't yet read. My favorite sections, so far, include the section that tells you how to buy your perfect handbag, the Christian Louboutin interview, the section on Paris (b/c I can't wait to go back), and the section on how to hand-write letters (the old-fashioned way).

THE GODDESS GUIDE US-edition went on sale yesterday (June 12th) so get your guide today and be one of the first fashionistas in the US to get Gisele's best glamour tips. A world of fashionista tips compiled into one essential book is all yours for only $19.95. You may not be a celebrity, but with this book, you'll have the secrets to treat yourself like one at your fingertips.

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G.G. said...

Wow, that sounds good - putting it on my next Amazon list :)

naddy said...

hello... long time didnt drop by here :)

i saw tht book last month and love it... hope to buy it one day :)

Shopaholic D said...

Hey GG - it is...I hope you check it out!

Hey Naddy - maybe you can ask for it for your next present?

:) D