Sunday, June 03, 2007

Reader Q: White Ankle Boots

Someone sent me a reader Q a couple weeks ago, and I've been searching my email all day to find it...only to realize that it's probably in one of my comments...I can't find it! Sorry! But I do remember the basic premise of the question. I believe you were asking if it was ok to wear white ankle boots and if so, what to wear them with.

I'm not really a "super trendy" person myself, so I actually never even got one pair of ankle boots...although there were some really hot ones over at
Rafe (who rocks and is also Filipino), but I couldn't afford them at the time that I wanted to get them. Anywho, as far as trends are concerned, it seems the ankle boot is out - I haven't seen them in mags, fashion blogs, or on TV lately. However, that being said, I believe fashion is more than just following the latest trend. I think fashion is more about personal style. If you love your ankle boots and can rock them with confidence, then rock on! They key to wearing something different is wearing it with confidence and not caring what other people think.

Here's Sienna Miller rockin some white ankle boot:

I think the white ankle boots would look good worn as Sienna wears hers - with skinny jeans. Also, similar to how I saw tons of black ankle boots paired with black skirts, I'd try a white skirt - probably mid-thigh to just above the knee in length.

Happy Outfit-Creating!

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