Friday, June 22, 2007

SA How To: Tie a Sash

Shopaholic sweetie, CTPrep, asks, "I always have a hard time tying sashes, how did you tie yours?"

Well, CTPrep, I figured the best way to explain this would be with a video, so I've uploaded my first-ever video to YouTube, embedded in this post. This is my first, so it's not exactly the most professionally-filmed video ever, but I figured it would be better than a step by step written explanation, right? (I did add some written notes below the video to go along with the video, but you can probably just watch to see what I do)

Also, I'm not sure if there is an official "How To Tie a Sash" on the web somewhere (or otherwise) - this is just how I happen to tie mine. If anyone has a better method or additional tips, feel free to leave a comment.

Here are some notes to go along with the video:
*Basically, I start by putting the side of the sash (back/front-wise) I want to be seen facing out and position the ends so that they cross where I want the sash knot to sit
*Then, I tie the sash so that the ends are even in length and the knot hits at my hip. Try to keep the side of the sash you want to be seen visible (in the video, the floral side is still showing)
*You can stop here, but I recommend tying the sash again as it can fall off easily if you only single-knot it
*If you tie another knot, try to keep the side you want showing as you tie and flatten the ends towards your body so they don't stick out (away from your body) too much
*Also, check that the sash didn't get twisted up a bit around the wider section - in other words, sometimes the back-side can start to flip up, so you just have to turn the edges back under



CTPrep said...

Great video, thanks!

Miss Jilly said...

This was funny because I thought to myself, I should watch this video for an idea on how to tie mine, or make sure I don't look like a schmuck the way I tie it now. And what do you know...I own the exact same sash used for the video, and tie it in the exact same manner. Thanks for the reassurance that I'm doing it the correct and fashionable way! :)

Shopaholic D said...

You're very welcome, CTPrep!

Miss Jilly, isn't that sash the cutest? Glad to hear I tie mine the same as you! Great minds think alike!

:) D