Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lauren Conrad Collection on Sale Now

So, do you guys remember the post I did on the Lauren Conrad Collection a bit ago? Well, the collection went on sale yesterday...yea, I'm a day late on the launch, but I was visiting my fam this weekend for my bday, so I've been spending quality time with them. Anywho, what do you guys think of it? I've read a couple magazine articles on the collection where I found out that she based her collection on a peacock feather and that she wanted to keep the collection simple because she really likes to accessorize (I'd credit the source, but I honestly can't remember where I heard it). To me...the collection is nice, but perhaps a tad too simple. I like the way the solid colors keep the look sleek and simple and how you really could dress up the outfit with accessories, but I don't think a couple outfits with some patterns would have hurt. Either way, there are a couple things that I would consider buying:

Lauren Conrad - Jillian Dress

Lauren Conrad - Sophia Dress

What do you think? Would you get anything?

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G.G. said...

it was on Extra or one of the other entertainment news shows that she said it, I can't remember for sure either. Yeah, I'd buy them - they're nice and simple, good cuts and yummy colors. I'd have to see them in person though; hard to tell from the pics about the quality of material and construction. But I'd say a lot stronger at first glance than a lot of the other celebrity offerings of late.

shopdiary said...

it reminds me a bit of rachel pally but without the sumptuous fabric. it's rayon/spandex for crying out loud. there is nothing special or unique about her pieces that would warrant me to say "i must have this at any cost". f21 seems to have the same katherine wrap at $22.

btw, when is your birthday? greetings to you. i hope it was great!

Shopaholic D said...

I agree, GG - need to see them in person...good call!

Hey Shopdiary - I didn't think of that, but now that you mention it, the designs do remind me a lot of Rachel Pally. And my b-day isn't until this coming weekend...the 21st. I have to do a jewelry show on my bday so I had to visit my fam the weekend before. Thanks hun!

:) D

Anonymous said...

For the price I wouldn't buy them. Where is the "design" aspect in the outfits, they look like something anybody could have come up with. They are unoriginal and these are basic clothing I could get at H&M for a fraction of the price.

Anonymous said...

I actually think she did a good job considering it is her first line. The clothes are clean cut, cute, seems well made and totally wearable. I bought two online already but I will wait for the rest of the collection before purchasing anymore. I really like the katherine wrap.

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Anonymous 11:01PM - the price is definitely preventing my purchasing. I'm on a bit of a budget now, so I have to be choosy right now. An H&M would probably be a better option for me, although I do like the sleeves on that first on with the slits.

Hey Anonymous 3:41PM - I probably would have gotten one if they were a tad more affordable. I'm not supposed to be buying anything right now, but I've created a very limited budget for myself till I can pay off this stupid credit Anywho, let me know how you like your purchases once you get to see them in person...I'm interested to hear how the wear.

:) D

la petite fashionista said...

i think the collection is cute & wearable, but overpriced. It looks like something you could find at forever 21.


dianabobar said...

It's OK-ish, nothing special, really! you ca see she didn't really study fashion design as in learning how to make a pattern, sew or think of different ways of dressing the human body. "celeb" lines are blah to me..

bitterbabe said...

way too expensive!

Shopaholic D said...

i see what you mean, la petite fashionista

that's because your clothes have so much personality! i'm sure you could vamp them up a bit. :)

agreed, bitterbabe

:) D

Anonymous said...

im a huge lauren fan, however her colllection is lackluster & boring not to mention ive seen all of those looks before for less,i posted my opinion after viewing her collection on her my space page.i simply stated the truth,i dont think i was mean but she removed me from her friends list,i was sorry that an opinionated diva,such as lc cant respect the opinion of a opinionated fan.Anywho still luv lc i hope she does better,some celebs wanna make bank for who they are,but i need to see something worth spending my hard earned money on.