Monday, September 17, 2007

Reebok Gets Sports Chic

If you're wondering where all the boys have gone or why they don't seem to listen to you when the TV is on, you may not have noticed that football season has begun. Yes, ladies...the time of year when most boys will check their fantasy stats every minute on the minute and spend as many minutes of free time in front of the TV as possible. I mean, c' gotta check out TV all the time now b/c they have football games, halftime shows, shows about the football games, football game highlights, football game fantasy reviews, tips on running your fantasy team...the list goes on.

Well, there is a somewhat-white lining on this cloud for the non-football-fanatic ladies out there. Thanks to Miss Angel of Style Goodies (click to visit her blog), I've learned about some sports chic football gear to ease the loss of your male friends & SO's: Reeboks NFL Women's Gear. Here are my picks:

Reebok Carolina Panthers Women's Vibrant Sunday Hooded Fleece - $64.99

Reebok Carolina Panthers Steve Smith Women's Glitter Jersey - $59.99

Styles available in many other teams, so if you're not a Panther fan, you can pick your team by clicking here and picking your team

Thanks Miss Angel!

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