Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why You Shouldn't Wear Crocs

I've got a good reason you shouldn't wear Crocs...they're ugly. Might I say...fugly? I mean...I suppose if you were in your house or in your garden, they'd fit in nicely...but it irks me when I see people who've coordinated entire outfits around their Crocs. I guess kids can pull it off ok...I mean, I did wear jellies when I was a kid, but...I dunno. I'm not one to tell someone what to wear...I just wouldn't ever wear them, myself.

However, even though I'm not going to tell you to not wear your Crocs, I would like to provide a good reason that you shouldn't (Yes, a legitimate reason this time). Apparently, people are getting their feet stuck in escalators due to these softy shoes. Ok, ok...I believe most of the reported incidents were w/ children, so you can probably wear your Crocs still...but watch your kiddies...and your own toes if you guys choose to sport your Crocs outside of the house.

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Btw, the first warning we got of Crocs was from Catwalk Queen - I linked the post in one of my fashion round-ups (click here to view)

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kCNeSs said...

i don't like them either..eeeww!!!

naddy said...

ehehe the only crocs i owned are the crocs prima n the crocs sassari... the rest are not to my liking :)

Jessorz said...

I am definitely the leader of the coalition against crocs. the ugliest shoes known to man, i swear! there isn't enough ill that i could possibly say about them, but im also resigned to the fact that people are going to wear them anyway.

Shopaholic D said...

right on, kcness!

I don't even know enough about Crocs to know the names of the styles,

i know what you mean, Jessorz!

:) D

Valley Girl said...

A-MEN!!! Those things are so fug. I can't understand the fascination with them.

Shopaholic D said...

lol Valley Girl...I don't get it either. I mean, I know they're comfortable, but there are plenty of comfy-chic options out there. What ever happened to tennis shoes? Rainbows? Anything not brightly colored and plastic?

:) D

Kim said...

crocs are indeed an abomination against style.

as for the j.crew sale.
I really love these ballet flats.

thanks for stopping bye my blog.

Shopaholic D said...

thosee are cute, kim!

you're welcome!

:) D

G.G. said...

I always said Crocs were the devil :P I hate them so vilely, I can't even continue the comment!

Esca said...

i couldn't agree with you more even jellies were kinda cute but crocs are just bulky and fugly there are plenty of other comfortable shoes that are at least decent looking

Shopaholic D said...

lol GG!

thanks esca! I know, don't jellies almost belong in a designer boutique compared to Crocs? lol

:) D

CanMe said...

a lot of people wear crocs who work in the healthcare industry, and find them super comfy when standing for hours on end. so, some people get comfortable with their look and just start wearing them out. i completely understand when i see people wearing them b/c heels don't even cross my mind when i'm not in the hospital.