Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How-To: Make a Bubble Skirt Work-Appropriate

I got this bubble skirt on a super-sale when a local boutique was closing...about 2 years ago. I remember thinking that the whole bubble skirt idea would never last so I was glad that I was getting my trendy tidbit about 75% off, but who knew it would still be around? Last week, I decided to try to wear my bubble skirt to work:

I think what makes this outfit ok for work is
1. the skirt is black - no flashy patterns or uber-bright colors
2. the skirt is length-appropriate and hits just at my knee
3. simple, classic pieces finish the outfit - black, round-toe pumps and a 3/4 length, simple off-white sweater
4. simple accessories - I have gold, hoopy earrings on...although you can't see them in the photo. Now that I'm thinking about it, though, I really should have worn my Wilson Leather black/gold snakeskin-style bangle...oh well.

Sweater: Nordstrom
Camisole: The Limited
Bubble Skirt: Notice
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Quilted Purse: Chanel


G.G. said...

I was saying to myself "D hasn't posted enough of her outfits lately" and yay! I was delighted. Fab as always :)

Trendini said...

yes and it also works because your top is a bit fitted...not loose...bubble skirts are growing on me but by the time i will like them...they will be like, totally 2 weeks ago lol

Shopaholic D said...

Aww...thanks GG! You are too sweet!

Trendini - Good point! The fitted top balances out the fuller bottom. Maybe you can pull a "Shopaholic D" and find one on mad sale, so you won't feel bad if it goes out of style quickly?

:) D

Archivarian (An Archival & Library Mistress) said...

Love, love your outfits! Thanks for sharing them with us and it's great to see clothes on a real person versus the models they use in the online stores or the mannequins.

I love my charcoal (dull) satin Banana Republic bubble skirt - it's so swishy and fun! I've had it for over a year and worn mine to work. Like you, I find it works best with fitted tops. They have another one in this season - some sort of mottled print that reminds of me of an Impressionist painting! Covet it!!!