Friday, September 07, 2007

5 Fall Trends Under $50

Well fellow shopaholics, I must sadly announce that I've put myself on a serious shopping budget...boooooo! I'm working on paying off a credit card, and so I must watch my spending for awhile. That being said, I can still shop! Yay! I just have to be very budget conscious. I actually find budget shopping pretty fun - it's a great challenge to me to find awesome clothes at super affordable prices...not to mention I'm a firm believer in the idea to "Buy classic quality, but trendy cheap." So, fellow budget fashionistas, I bring you 5 Fall Trends Under $50:

Gray Skinny Jeans - $29.50 (a two-for-one - the color gray and skinny jeans)

Old Navy - Women's Classic Rise Skinny - "The Sweetheart" Colored Jeans (Image/Item

Big Bangles - $24

Sequin Faceted Bracelet (Image/Item

Wide-Leg Pants - $49.50

Solid tab-front Wide Leg Pants (Image/Item

Patent Peep-Toe Platforms - $49.99 (three-for-one: patent, peep-toes, platforms)

Jessica Simpson Alaqua Patent Leather Slingbacks (Image/Item

Plaid - $29.99

Isaac Mizrahi for Target® TRS Godet Pleated Skirt - Brown Plaid (Image/Item

Happy Shopping!


G.G. said...

Oooh, have to get me to Gap to try those wide-legs on. They look a bit low on the waist for me, but have to try them to know. Really smart to save money to pay off the cred cards. Do what I did when Glam Boy made me go cold turkey for a month: do Imaginary Shopping Spree posts -- "things I'd buy, if I were allowed to shop." They do help with the cravings a little. Also, need I say chocolate helps too :P

LML said...

love the look of gray skinnies - they are on my to get list for fall!

coco said...

i love the jeans they look really comfy and like they will go with anythng
great post

Shopaholic D said...

Imaginary shopping sprees are a good idea - I'll have to try that out. Did you post yours on your blog? Chocolate is always a good idea! :)

Me too, lml! Do you know what brand you want to get or are you just shopping for the style overall?

Thanks Coco!

:) D

G.G. said...

D - I did post them, but they're probably way down on the archives by now. After I get my fall wardrobe under control I think I'll join you in the credit card pay-off plan.

Lizy said...

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Candid Cool said...

Those grey jeans look appealing