Friday, September 28, 2007

What's Your Guilty Fashion Pleasure?

Everyone (ok, almost everyone) has some secret fashion adoration that isn't exactly always mainstream or widely accepted. For me, I secretly love knee-highs. Perhaps I've watched Clueless one too many times, but if knee-highs would come back into style, I'd be all over it. Ok, so even when I was in high school, I got nervous wearing knee-highs in public, but I'd at least think about it. What I'm really trying to work towards is not caring so much what other people think, but that is so hard sometimes! That's why I'm trying to work on putting together some more risque items. :)

Anywho, here's Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) on the set of the new Sex and the City movie:

What do you think of knee highs?

What's your guilty-fashion-pleasure?

Photo source: Just Jared dot com


Fabulously Broke in the City said...

I'd wear knee-highs too, but not over the knee.

I'd really be afraid of looking too schoolgirlish though :\

My secret fashion pleasure? Uhh.. probably being able to wear boots over my jeans. I haven't gotten into that look.... but I LOVE IT.

Trendini said...

SJP can pretty much make a kitchen sink look trendy. Knee highs are great and look nice on her...what shocks me more is that ugly paisley print skirt...ewwww
as for a fashion guilty pleasure: flats, flats and more flats, in all shapes and sizes and them and cant get enough of them!

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Fab - I agree...I like the ones that go just to the knee, but not over it. I love wearing boots over should go for it!

I know, Trendini, it's not fair what SJP can get away with, no? I'm not a fan of the skirt either. I love flats, too! Lucky you they're so popular now!

:) D

LML said...

haha! i wear knee highs everyday becuase i go to a private - uniform wearing school! i love the look tho - i need to try it out of school lol

G.G. said...

I like knee-highs sometimes, but it's not something I can pull off. I don't mind the skirt, but the combo of the striped top and the patterned skirt is a bit much. Each separately with a better choice would have had more kick.

Guilty pleasures: I love graphic tees *blush*

shopdiary said...

well, prada had knee highs on the catwalk for fall and i've seen a few stylish women sport them already. go for it!

Shopaholic D said...

lol, lml, then you probably can't stand knee-highs! it could be interesting to try them outside of school, though.

very true, GG (on the combo of the patterned skirt and striped shirt). As for the graphic tees, don't lots of celebs still wear those? that's a look you could easily pull off any day. :)

shopdiary, good point! i forgot about prada's footless knee-highs. if only i could afford both the shoes and and the knee highs! i like that girl's outfit you linked to...not sure if i could pull it off, but im not opposed to being racy one day. although...first, i'd have to get some yellow knee highs. first, i need to get some knee highs period (i haven't had any since high school).

:) D

The Girl said...

you could start slowly by wearing knee hi socks but putting a skirt/dress on that is just long enough to hide it while you're standing. that way you can see how you feel before going all out with the look.

Shopaholic D said...

that's a good idea, the girl. i may have to try that one out! thanks!

:) D

Lizy said...

I love wearing knee-highs.I do wear boots while i wear jeans.i love them to wear.