Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Love at First Glance: Sweet Frock

I saw this dress in the background of a photo on the blog i_heart_fabric...

...and I knew I had to have it - it was love at first glance. Luckily, the owner of blog and boutique
Frock Shop was super sweet and able to process my order via email, even though their site didn't have a shopping cart at the time (but it does now, so you should check it out). I was so floored to get this dress b/c it was just so unique in the pattern and color combo, and this was in like February, mind you. Anywho, now dresses like this are readily available everywhere, but I don't care...I still love mine.

Dress: Timing
Gray Suede Peep-Toe Platforms: Kate Spade
Necklace: D Celestine Limited
Quilted Purse: Chanel


G.G. said...

Oooh, and it incorporates two of the spring colors. People will try to buy it off your back in May!

Mrs Fashion said...

Hello, I saw that you'd faved my blog on Technorati and had never seen your site before. It's fab! Would you like to swap links?

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

I LOVE it!!

That's exactly the kind of pattern I'd gravitate towards... I'm really trying to stay away from solids and to punch it up a bit, and it looks fabulous on you!

Jessorz said...

That dress is ADORABLE!! and the necklace adds a nice touch too. you're wonderful.


Shopaholic D said...

Hey GG - hopefully not - they're not getting it! lol

Hey Mrs. Fashion - I sent you an email. :)

Thanks Fabulously Broke in the City! I know what you mean...I like solids, but it's fun to mix things up.

Aww...thanks Jessorz!

:) D

G.G. said...

You know, that Kors bag (the tangerine one you posted last week) would go brilliantly with that dress... I've been obsessing over that bag ever since you posted it.

Shopaholic D said...

Oh yea, GG - I didn't think of that, but it would look good w/ this! I know, that MKors bag is hard to forget, but not so easy to

:) D

Anonymous said...

the dress is cute, but the shoes are to die for! i'm ordering them immediately!

Candid Cool said...

pretty dress

Shopaholic D said...

Good luck finding them, anonymous - they're from almost 2 years ago...sorry! maybe try ebay? or some of BR's other fab shoes?

Thanks, Candid cool!

:) D