Monday, May 29, 2006

Charleston Dress

Hello Hauties!

I'm back from a wonderful weekend in Charleston, SC! I'll have lots of fun pictures and reviews up soon, but in the meantime, I thought I'd post some pictures inspired by the dresses seen in Charleston. While out and about in the south, I noticed all the lovely dresses worn by all the southern belles. They were vibrant, bright, fun, and decidely gorgeous! Here are a few that remind me of the "Charleston Dress":

Notice the bright, vibrant colors in this lovely halter here by Anthropologie. The ribbon adds a ladylike touch.

This navy number by J Crew, shows the more classic and subdued dress style of the south. Strapless, with a simple pattern, but truly elegant.

This floral strapless would be perfect for the beachy cities of the south. This fun-colored dress is by Gap.

This dress is the epitome of southern, preppy style! Think super bright - super fun! Actually, any Lilly Pulitzer item is sure to please in the south! Dress available at Nordstom.

"Dress Tip" for travelers to the south: choose a strapless, lightweight dress in bright colors, but know that in the coastal towns, especially Charleston, you can get away with pairing your dress with flipflops!


sunshinealways said...

Thanks for being the first to post a comment on my blog. I had forgotten to check my account for comments which explains why your comment hadn't been posted yet! Sorry about that! Hope you had a great time in Charleston. We were supposed to be there this past weekend but my dear husband and daughter were both under the weather.

I like your work. I'll be checking in everyday!! I've also added you on to my list of interesting blogs.

Shopaholic D said...

You're welcome! I love getting comments, so I figure other people prolly like getting them too, so I try to leave lots of them! :) Hope your family feels better soon. Thanks for adding my link! I'll add yours as well.

Cezi said...

I love the first dress!So light and fun.Diana I never got around to ordering the jewelry I wanted from your purple collection:(Please send another link so I can order it this weekend.
your blog is looking really good.

Shopaholic D said...

hey sweetie! you must be psychic...i was just thinking about you and your blog (i'll be commenting later)! the jewelry is available here: (this is the "sets" page, so just scroll down to "Pretty in Purple" :) Thanks for the compliment on the blog...I've been working really hard on it, so it's good to know the hard work is paying off :)

Cezi said...

Hey Diana I just place the order for the jewelry!Can't wait to get it:)

AnastasiaC said...

Charleston is one of the cities Id love to visit in the US - did u take pics??
gorgeous dresses!

Shopaholic D said...

Hey AnastasiaC!

I took a few fun camera died on the one day we spent in historic Charleston :( (the other 2 days were spent on the beach...heehee). I'm also going to post some fun reviews of restaurants, bars, etc that you may want to check out when you make it to the south! I'm going to try to post them sometime this week!

:) Diana

Shopaholic D said...

Cezi, Thanks so much! I hope you love it!

:) Diana