Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hautie Hairdresser!

This is my good friend Rachael. She is a phenomenal hairdresser, and she works at Hair Color Experts at Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC (basically Charlotte). Not only is she fabulously haute, she's still accepting models (think free hair dos, cuts, and $20 highlights) until June 15th. Anywho, on the date of this photo, she was looking fab in black bermuda shorts with a flowly black top:

With this outfit being so simple, you could pair almost any design. I'd like to see some punches of color added with the accessories. Also, long necklaces are so hot right now, and would look great with the style of her outfit. I recommend the "Aquatic Aquamarine" necklace. She could wear this long, folded over once, or even over her shoulder like fashion designers are doing on the runway! The vibrant blue/green color of the beads will look great with the black! Click here or the picture to the left for details, an alternate view, and an additional outfit suggestions!

Remember the awesome hair deal! Call her today at (704) 659-2200 to schedule your appointment!

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