Monday, May 08, 2006

Great Shirt for a Great Cause

So, I was out for Cinco de Mayo at La Paz, a restaurant in town, when I saw these 2 girls walking around collecting money for some sort of breast cancer awareness event. When I saw the shirts they were wearing, I knew I just had to post them! Their shirts read, "Great Breasts are worth fighting for":

For these shirts, I recommend (obviously) my breast cancer awareness necklace. No further explanation really necessary, but you should know that I can make some super cute matching earrings and really fun bracelet!

For info on how to support their cause, go to In fact, they gave me a little info sheet after I took their picture, and here's what it said:

I'm walking 60 miles over three days to fight breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer 3-Day is a remarkable journey designed to raise funds and awareness for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust Breat Cancer Fund. I must raise at least $2,200 in order to participate, but I hope to raise much more! I invite you to support me and join the fight against breast cancer.

Register to walk or donate today:
(800) 996-3DAY

To donate, go to, select my 3-Day location, and click "donate" to search for my fundraising webpage. Or call (800) 996-3DAY.

Name: Laura LaPaglia
3-Day Location: Boston, MA
Supporter ID: 119016407

I took the liberty of looking up Laura's personal donation site, so you can go directly there by clicking here. As of today, she has raised $645, so help her out, donate a little, and support a good cause! Donations start at a mere $5!


Funelady said...

What a "Great Shirt". Would you know where we could purchase them?
Thank you

Funelady said...

"Great Shirt"
Would you know where we could buy them?
Thank you

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Funelady,

I'm doing some searches now...I'll let you know if I find anything.



mire said...

go to and shop while giving a double-wammy donation to the Susan G Komen for the Cure group from this AMAZING site. This needs to be on EVERYONE'S bookmarks so every purchase on line can raise money for the cure!