Monday, May 08, 2006

Trendy Cinco de Mayo Celebrator!

I met this trendy gal on the bus to the Steeplechase a couple weekends ago. After seeing tons of girls in simple jeans and tank tops all Cinco de Mayo night long, I was so happy to see this girl wearing a funky and unique outfit:

Since the neckline isn't too high, and the outfit isn't, itself, too flashy, I'd love to see this look topped off with a unique necklace to continue the base theme. How about the Ios Necklace? A light green stone won't distract too much from the outfit as far as color goes, while the funky design of the piece will match the outfit well!


modern.girl said...

sure let's swap! cute blog

Shopaholic D said...

Sweet! Thanks for adding me! I just added your link as well!

:) Diana