Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Jewelry Toy

I'm super pumped about my latest jewelry toy - a stamp to make my own personalized jewelry tags! Take a looksee:

I tried to fit "D Celestine Limited" on there....I really did! I even tried just "D Celestine." Sadly enough, "Celestine" is just a really long word! So, I went with just "DCL". I mean, I know you guys don't want to be walking around w/ a 1 foot tag on your necklace or bracelet! lol! That's crazy talk! Anywho, all new orders will come equipped with the first batch of my DCL tags! Hope you all like them!


snob in the city said...

so cute! such a nice touch! Love that:)

Shopaholic D said...

Aww....thanks! Wish I coulda fit my full biz name on there, but "DCL" should do!

:) Diana

miss.jessica said...

hey where did you buy this, I'm looking to buy one for my jewlerry. What's it called? <-- my email just incase U'd like to email me about it :)