Monday, May 15, 2006

Hot Pink Fun!

I saw this nice lady as I was leaving the post office the other day. As I'm a sucker for pink, I just had to stop her to see if she wanted to be on the blog. She did a great job putting this outfit together, especially since none of the pieces came from the same store or shopping trip! I love a lady who can coordinate!

I'd really like to see this outfit with my Hot Pink Taffy set. The V-shape of the necklace would fit perfectly in the little dip at the front of her shirt and, with the matching earrings, would help bring that lovely hot pink color into the upper area of her look!

Hot Pink Taffy Set

The Hot Pink Taffy set is made with dyed quartz and is accented by Swarovski crystals in Crystal AB. The AB finish will also help the fun pink color glow by reflecting in all the facets!

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