Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Going Vintage!

I stopped by a fun vintage store this past weekend and purchased my first ever vintage dress! I swear, people were made differently back then....they must have all had tiny waists! Anywho, I thought the little bows on the straps were adorable and that the pattern was fun. I updated the outfit with some gold espadrilles from Banana Republic.

I had a good time vintage shopping. It's definitely a good way to get clothing that's unique, because it's almost impossible to find the same item twice! Vintage shopping is certainly a venue I've never really explored before, but boy was I missing out!? I mean, I've done the Goodwill thing and all, but this is so much more chic! Here are some of my Myspace friends who sell vintage goods if you'd like to see more vintage clothes:

LOVE this picture!

Check Lace Vintage out online at: or find them on myspace at

I want this dress!

Check Adore Vintage out online at: or find them on myspace at


Anonymous said...

Love the dress. What a great find. I agree with you that the proportions are very different from the mass-produced fashions out there now.

Shopaholic D said...


Yea...what was in the water back then?? hehe

Anonymous said...

I just purchased my first vintage dress from one of the stores mentioned in this article, lace vintage, I love it and the price was just right!

Shopaholic D said...

the prices on vintages clothes are awesome! more unique and more affordable than designer...although shopping designer is still fun!

shopdiary said...

cool find!

Shopaholic D said...

thanks sweetie! :)