Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hot New Designs!

After a couple weeks of technical difficulties with my web site, I finally (hopefully) fixed it! I've added a handful of new jewelry designs to the D Celestine Limited web site, and I'm planning on adding more this coming week! I also have lots of fun new designs in the works, so once they're ready, I'll be sure to share with all you darlings!
Hot New Designs!

Click the image above or here to go to my latest creations page!


Maria Palma said...

Your pieces are gorgeous and very inspiring :) What type of lighting do you use when you take pictures of your jewelry?

Shopaholic D said...


Thank you! I use a light cube set to take my jewelry photos. Adjusting the settings on your camera makes a BIG difference. I was too lazy to do it for a few months, but when I finally played with my camera settings, my pictures came out 10 times better!

Thanks for stopping by!

Diana :)