Thursday, May 11, 2006

Feeling Bubbly

Let me tell you...when the "tulip" skirt, or bubble skirt, first came out, I was NOT a fan. But yesterday, I was on my way to pick up lunch when I passed Miss Priss, a Lily Pulitzer store, that happens to carry some other hip designer clothes. Right there in the window was this black bubble skirt with a peachy colored bubble tank. I thought, what they heck...I'll just try it on for fun. I know what you're thinking....those are dangerous words, right? Needless to say, the skirt and tank came home with me:

Bubble Tank by Bordeaux

Bubble Skirt by Notice

The stand in the window had this skirt and tank worn together, but that's just too much volume for me! Yesterday, I had on some cute, black, slim capris by Banana Republic with some nice round toe heels by Kenneth Cole that looked great with the tank in the fitting room. I also had on a nice light pink cardigan set by Ann Taylor Loft that looked pretty darn good with the skirt. I'm sure I'll post these again with some outfit suggestions....


Liza said...

LOVE your flats. Where are they from?

Shopaholic D said...

Why, thank you! They're just Nine West. I think I got them from Off Broadway shoes, which is like a DSW. :) Diana